Name: Department: Email:
Mayfield, Walter Admin***--*Principal [email protected]
Garrett, Paul Admin***--Associate Principal - 12th Grade [email protected]
Tenry, Shaunda Admin***--Asst. Principal - 11th Grade [email protected]
Freeman, Jay Admin***--Asst. Principal - 10th Grade [email protected]
Noble, Mike Admin***--Asst. Principal - 9th Grade [email protected]
Jones, Ansley Admin***--Asst.Principal for Instruction [email protected]
McBride, Leanne Admin**--Principal's Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Bell, Tommy Admin*--Athletic Director [email protected]
Gaines, Sheila Admin*--Athletic Director Administrative Asst [email protected]
Cecere, Rachel Art [email protected]
Moore, Kathy Art [email protected]
Nutt, Johnny Art [email protected]
Raspet, Stephanie Art [email protected]
Stanzione, Chris Art [email protected]
Cameron, Tobi Attendance Clerk (L-Z) [email protected]
Long, Emily Attendance Clerk (A-K) [email protected]
Gregory, Andrew Band [email protected]
Pace, AJ Band [email protected]
Councill, Lacey Bookkeeper [email protected]
White, Keith Broadcast/Journalism [email protected]
Austin, Noah College and Career Readiness--CCR [email protected]
Lockwood, Beech College and Career Readiness--CCR [email protected]
Powell, David College and Career Readiness--CCR [email protected]
Cason, Crystal  Custodian--Head [email protected] 
Acker, Danae Digital Integration Specialist [email protected] 
Baumann, Katerina English [email protected]
Canup, Chanda English [email protected]
Fuller, Michelle English [email protected]
Hall, Karen English [email protected]
Hamby, Lauren English [email protected]
James, Sarah English [email protected]
Lemere, Shannon English [email protected]
Machen, Leah English [email protected]
Moore, Hannah English [email protected]
Scheving, Lauren English [email protected]
Spencer, Kristin English [email protected]
Thomas, Jennifer English [email protected] 
Wesley, Diedre English [email protected]
Crenshaw, Daniel Fast Track [email protected]
Hughes, Cindy Food Service--Asst. Manager [email protected] 
Compton, Beverly Food Service--Manager [email protected] 
Shaw, Dawne Hearing Specialist [email protected]
Nance, Marty ISS Supervisor [email protected]
Hahn, Logan ITSA [email protected]
Bruce, James  Math [email protected]
Buddin, Danette Math [email protected]
Copeland, James Math [email protected]
Copeland, Whitney Math [email protected]
Garcia, Patty Math [email protected]
Lane, Laura Kate Math [email protected]
Lee, Jennifer Math [email protected]
Nunamacher, AJ Math [email protected]
Powell, Jeremy Math [email protected]
Richardson, Camille Math [email protected]
Taylor, Dylan Math [email protected]
Thompson, Samantha Math [email protected]
Waldkirch, Michael Math [email protected]
Wynn, Lanelle Math [email protected]
Price, Jeremy Math and Graduation Coach [email protected]
Bolt, April Media Assistant [email protected]
Bailey, Helen Media Specialist [email protected]
Fletcher, Jamie Multi-lingual Education [email protected]
Lussier, John (Skip) (Captain) NJROTC [email protected]
McCord, Joshua (Master Sarg.) NJROTC [email protected]
Staples, Marsha Nurse [email protected]
Aman, Dana PE [email protected]
Arrington, Keith PE [email protected]
Brooks, Steve PE [email protected]
Carson, Tim PE [email protected]
Garris, Katherine PE [email protected]
Hochstetler, Garrett PE [email protected]
Tone, Jason PE [email protected]
Braunecker, Megan PE--Athletic Trainer [email protected] 
Sneed, Shannon PE--Athletic Trainer [email protected] 
Mitchell, Jordan PE--Athletic Trainer (Head) [email protected]
Rochester, Daniel (Roc) PE--Strength Coach [email protected]
McCauley, Stephanie  Receptionist [email protected]
Motes, Kim School Counseling--Administrative Asst. [email protected]
Hayes, Amanda School Counseling--Career Development Facilitator [email protected]
Greathouse, Dawn School Counseling--Mental Health [email protected]
Lowe-Jenkins, Alesia School Counseling--Mental Health [email protected] 
Wray, Cynthia School Counseling--Mental Health [email protected] 
Jordan, Ashlynn School Counseling--School Psychologist [email protected]
Fowler, Taimikilale (Tai)  School Counseling--Social Worker [email protected]
Bright, Nikki School Counselor (Cop-Ham) [email protected]
Carey, John School Counselor (Q-T) [email protected]
Holden, Charley School Counselor (A-Coo) [email protected]
Pressley, David School Counselor (M-P) [email protected]
Thomas, Brian School Counselor--Assistant Director (Han-L) [email protected]
Hearn, Beth School Counselor--Director (V-Z) [email protected]
Albrecht, Nathan School Resource Officer [email protected] 
Bartal, Jonathan Science [email protected]
Bona, Eric Science [email protected]
Brigman, Corey Science [email protected]
Christopher, Julie Science [email protected]
Doud, Christopher Science [email protected]
Guldner, Frances Science [email protected]
Kitts, Gabby Science [email protected]
Osborne, Wendy Science [email protected]
Peterson, Valerie Science [email protected]
Rutland, Ansley Science [email protected]
Spencer, Rob Science [email protected]
Taylor, Kacie Science [email protected]
Waldkirch, Hannah Science [email protected]
Mattress, Shawn Security [email protected] 
Taylor, Willis Security [email protected] 
Abernathy, Jayden College and Career Readiness--CCR/Social Studies [email protected]
Bailey, Jamie Social Studies [email protected]
Benson, Kevin Social Studies [email protected]
Culbertson, Chase Social Studies [email protected]
Ezell, Haskell Social Studies [email protected]
Garrett, Austin Social Studies [email protected]
Hamby, Derek Social Studies [email protected]
Hammett, Andrew Social Studies [email protected]
Hedrick, Darrel  Social Studies [email protected]
Hogg, Logan Social Studies [email protected]
Sheridan, Lewis Social Studies [email protected]
Van De Water, Mindy Social Studies [email protected]
Willetts, Annie Social Studies [email protected]
Young, Victoria Social Studies [email protected]
Coffman, Julia Special Education [email protected]
Greenlee, Brandy Special Education [email protected]
Jones, LaJuana Special Education [email protected]
McCauley, Drake Special Education [email protected]
Pinson, Amanda Special Education and Tardies [email protected]
Quinn, James Special Education [email protected]
Rizer, Samantha Special Education [email protected]
Spoden, Emily Special Education [email protected]
Stollar, Haley Special Education [email protected]
Wohlers, Heather Special Education [email protected]
Wolfe, Chalisa Special Education [email protected]
Johnson-Rice, Sonya Special Education--Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Kell, Michael Special Education--Teaching Assistant [email protected]
McAdams, Sharreff Special Education--Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Cooper, Christy SPED Assistant [email protected]
Hammond, Bridgette SPED Assistant--Sign Language Interpreter [email protected]
Suther, Colen "Benny" SPED Nurse Assistant [email protected]
Heaton, Carol Speech Specialist [email protected]
Brookman, Jeff Technology/Business Ed. [email protected]
Ellis, Drec (Claudrecus) Technology/Business Ed. [email protected]
Elrod, Glenn Technology/Business Ed. [email protected]
Kidd, Kerry Technology/Business Ed. [email protected]
McWaters, David Technology/Business Ed. [email protected]
Plymel, Chris Technology/Business Ed. [email protected]
Reid, Jessica Technology/Business Ed. [email protected]
Farr, Ashley Testing Coordinator [email protected]
Rogers, John World Language--French [email protected]
Camacho, Sandra World Language--Spanish [email protected]
Castaneda, Monica World Language--Spanish [email protected]
Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Yuderkis World Language--Spanish [email protected]
Hayes, Tanner World Language--Spanish [email protected]
Reyes, Elvira World Language--Spanish [email protected] 
Rodriguez, Misael World Language--Spanish [email protected]