-1878 - Southern Home School 
 Location: Corner of Greenville and McDuffie Streets.
Specs: A one-room school for white students.
-1917- Anderson High School
(Photo see Girls' High below)
Location: Corner of Greenville and McDuffie Streets (old location of the Southern Home School )
Specs: Larger building which housed both boys and girls for six years.
-1923 - Boys' High
Location:South McDuffie Street
Specs: High school only for boys. Used for thirty-nine years as Boys' High.
What's there now:
McDuffie High, a vocational school, was there until it closed in 1996. The site is currently the Hanna-Westside Extension campus where students can enroll in vocational education courses.
-Girls' High 
Location: Remained at Anderson High School Campus on the corner of Greenville Street and McDuffie Street
 Specs: Used from 1923 until 1961 when Girls' High moved to the new building on
Marchbanks Avenue
Girls' High changed its name to "Hanna High" in 1951.  The name was taken from its first principal.
What's there now:
The library occupied the site from the 1960's through the 1990's until it moved to its new site on
McDuffie Street
The Anderson Count Museum now occupies this building.

-1961-1992 - T.L. Hanna High School
(on Marchbanks Avenue)
Location: on Marchbanks Avenue 
Specs: Hanna High moved to Marchbanks in 1961 while Boy's High moved in 1963. The school then became known as T.L. Hanna High.
McCants Middle school currently uses the old school. 
-1992 - T.L Hanna High School (on Hwy. 81 N.)